Residential Maintenance Services

If you need assistance with home maintenance or minor home repairs, we are here to help.
We offer pro-active, pre-scheduled, preventative maintenance services. We also want to be your first call when in need of any emergency home service issues.
At RMS we look forward to helping make your home a place you can enjoy. You don’t have to spend all your spare time and too much money trying to take care of it yourself.
Our list of services here is made up of only the most common types of requests. If you have additional needs or requests, we can help with just about anything around your home. Let’s get that “To Do List” tackled for you by our team of professionals!
If you’re going on vacation or are a seasonal snowbird,
we are available to maintain and keep an eye on your home while you are away with our “Home Watch Services”.


Superior Maintenance Services

Home Maintenance

Yearly Contract Maintenance
First Visit – Our Maintenance Technician documents the major systems of the home. We then schedule quarterly service visits for your home from a seasonal list of items.

Follow up Pre-scheduled Maintenance Calls
Our Maintenance Technician will visit your home to perform seasonal maintenance and servicing. During the appointment, the technician will identify all key areas that require immediate or future repair or servicing. Since RMS documented the major components of your home in the initial visit, we will have the necessary repair/service parts with us to keep your home operational.

Customized Maintenance Programs
RMS has programs for all styles of homes, whether a single family dwelling, condominium, townhouse, or rental property. All programs have been customized to minimize the homeowner’s involvement while ensuring complete quality.

One Time Maintenance Check Up / No Contract
Our Maintenance Technician will provide you with an easy to understand printed quote from a seasonal list of items.

Home Maintenance

Our Maintenance Technician will visit your home on quarterly basis to service seasonal home components, and provide you with a forecast of upcoming events about your property.

Remedial Services

Special request maintenance services can be provided on an as needed basis. These maintenance services are provided to customers with an RMS account to ensure that you have complete access to RMS staff.

Major Repair ? Emergency Servicing

Emergency help is available 24 hours a day. Since we document the major systems of your home in our initial visit, we have the necessary
information to have the right people available when emergencies happen.

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